Table of Contents

  1. What is a Split System HVAC Unit
  2. The Benefits of Split System Units for Homeowners
  3. How Does a Split System HVAC Unit Work
  4. Maintaining Split System HVAC Units
  5. A.S.R.S. Can Help Find The Split System HVAC Unit You Need

Whether you are building a new home or updating an old commercial building, choosing the perfect HVAC unit is an essential part of the process. Many HVAC contractors recommend considering a split system HVAC unit.  Having a properly functioning unit will allow your home or office to have improved indoor air quality through ventilation and filtration systems while it provides cooled and heated air throughout your space.  

What is a Split System HVAC Unit

A split system HVAC unit is formed by two separate units working together to distribute air throughout your home or commercial building. This type of unit has an indoor and outdoor unit, connected by ducts, that work together to provide cooled and heated air throughout your space.

The Benefits of Split System Units for Homeowners

Although there are many options, deciding on a split system HVAC unit comes with a number of benefits. Whether it may be the improved energy efficiency or the increased flexibility when it comes to finding the perfect location for your unit. A split system HVAC unit is a highly recommended option for your house or commercial building. 

  • Although this type of heating and air conditioning system has many benefits, the improved energy efficiency factor is always important to consider. 
  • The split system HVAC unit can help homeowners lower their monthly energy bills by choosing a unit that provides the desired temperatures at a lower monthly cost. 
  • The other benefit of having a split system HVAC unit installed is that because there are two different units, it will allow for more customizations when it comes to setting up the unit. 
  • With two separate units, this will allow for a smaller space to be used for the indoor unit while the other half remains outdoors. 

How Does a Split System HVAC Unit Work?

The indoor and outdoor units of the split system have two different functions. The indoor unit pulls warm air from inside the home, and then the refrigerant is used to cool that air down. This results in the cool air getting blown back into the space that needs to be cooled.
The outdoor unit, also known as the condenser unit, will pull the warm air out of your home and release it back into the outside air. This unit houses the compressor, condenser coils and fan, and refrigerant lines. Without the outdoor condenser unit, the warm air would not have a place to be released.

Maintaining Split System HVAC Units

No matter what unit is chosen for your home or commercial building, it is always important to consider what type of m

aintenance will need to be done to ensure your unit remains in the best possible condition. 

Some quick and easy ways to maintain your split system HVAC unit would be to clean and change out the dirty filters on a regular basis. 

  • Having a clean filter in place will help allow the air to flow easily throughout the system, keeping the energy efficiency at the proper level. In addition to enhanced efficiency, you will also have improved air quality. 

The outdoor AC unit will also need to have some maintenance performed to ensure proper functioning equipment. 

  • Cleaning the outside of your outdoor unit is an easy way to make sure there is minimal debris buildup on your unit. When there is an excessive amount of debris surrounding your unit, it is a possibility that the debris can make its way inside, which could cause potential damage to the internal components.

Although some preventative measures for your split system AC and heating unit can be easily taken care of, there are a number of preventative maintenance that should be left to your local HVAC contractors. 

Choosing The Split System HVAC Unit You Need

Choosing a heating and cooling system that best fits your needs can sometimes be confusing, with many different options to choose from. Our HVAC professionals at Air Services and Refrigeration Specialists have the knowledge and experience to help guide you through the process. 

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