3 Facts About Commercial HVAC Installation | A.S.R.S.


Over time, you may notice that the air conditioning or heating in your commercial building may not perform as well as it used to. Whether your office building needs a completely new commercial HVAC installation or just an upgraded one, an experienced commercial HVAC contractor can recommend the best unit for the job.

Depending on the line of work your commercial building may be used for, a specific type of unit for a commercial HVAC installation may work better than others. By remembering these three key facts, and discussing them with your HVAC technician, will ensure your unit achieves the job it is meant to do.

Unit and Room Sizes Matter

The commercial space’s size is one of the first important facts to consider. When you and your HVAC contractor are deciding on a unit size, it is crucial to consider the size of the building where the commercial HVAC installation is needed for heating and cooling. Not considering this when buying a unit may result in performance issues and energy inefficiencies.

Performing an HVAC installation with a unit that is too small can affect the cooling and heating capabilities. Over time, this will also decrease energy efficiency and lead to higher energy bills. Having a unit that is too small for the space can also cause lower air quality levels.

When you use a unit that is too big for your space, you risk short cycling of the air, causing unnecessary wear and tear. This can lead to premature repair or replacement. It can also affect the humidity levels in the air and cause uneven temperatures with both the air conditioner and heating. It is very important to consider both the unit’s size and the commercial building space.

Type of Unit Matters

When choosing the specific type of commercial HVAC system your building may need, there are many factors to consider. There are a number of different types of commercial HVAC units. Maybe you need a rooftop unit, or maybe a split system is a better option. A certified HVAC contractor can help you choose the best option for your commercial building.

Each type of unit has its perks. Having a knowledgeable HVAC contractor to guide you through the process of choosing the most appropriate type of unit to install will ensure the best type of unit is chosen for your commercial space.

System Efficiency Matters

Energy efficiency is a big factor in commercial HVAC installations. Choosing a unit that is made to be energy efficient is ideal for many commercial buildings. This is because you want to ensure that your unit allows for lower monthly energy bills. There may be many reasons why a unit performs at a lower efficiency level, but having a certified technician install and maintain your commercial HVAC unit will help increase those levels.

One way to achieve higher efficiency is by having an experienced commercial HVAC contractor design your building’s ductwork to help increase your unit’s efficiency. If you notice your unit not functioning as well, A.C. repairs may be needed. It is always beneficial to your energy efficiency to schedule commercial HVAC maintenance as well.

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