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The upkeep of commercial refrigeration equipment is one of the most important aspects of owning a business. Whether you own a restaurant, convenience store, grocery store, medical facility, or other business where refrigeration equipment is needed, regular maintenance of your commercial refrigeration equipment is essential. As with any critical piece of equipment, these machines require care to minimize unexpected downtime and premature failure. We understand that every minute of downtime results in a loss of revenue. That’s why it is essential to implement the following steps to extend the life of your commercial refrigeration equipment.

Monitor Temperature

Knowing what temperature your equipment should be operating at is key. Monitoring and recording holding temperatures at scheduled times throughout the day will allow you to see when your commercial refrigeration equipment is not holding temperature properly. This can be done manually or with a remote monitoring system. This tip is a simple solution that can make a difference in the life of your commercial refrigeration equipment. The chances of being able to save your product are substantially higher the sooner you notice.

Check Door Gaskets

A proper seal on your refrigeration unit is imperative. Over time, this rubber seal will weaken or tear, allowing warmer air to enter. A leaking gasket can lower the internal temperature of your refrigerator, forcing it to overwork. Overworking your equipment will put unnecessary strain on the parts of your commercial refrigeration equipment, increasing the likelihood of a premature breakdown.

Avoid Blocking Ventilation

Maintaining the recommended clearance for your equipment is imperative to the performance and efficiency of your equipment. Proper spacing allows your equipment to breathe and properly exchange air across the condenser coil without overworking itself. Working in limited space environments, moving your equipment as closely as possible is natural. This may cause your equipment to work against each other, leading to premature failure. 

Clean the Coils

Dirt and debris can clog up the coils of your commercial refrigeration equipment. Dirty coils can cause your equipment to work harder to maintain proper temperatures leading to higher energy costs or even critical component failure. Frequently having maintenance performed to avoid having a build-up of debris on the coils will help reduce the potential for equipment failure. Having the coils serviced is best done by an experienced technician to avoid damaging the coil or lodging the debris further in.

Preventative Maintenance

Routine preventative maintenance is the most crucial step to extending the life of your commercial refrigeration equipment. Being proactive with regular maintenance is the easiest way to ensure a longer life for your equipment. If you take no other steps to keep your equipment working, this one should be the one you follow. Having your commercial refrigeration equipment routinely serviced by an experienced technician will give you insight into your equipment’s condition. Knowing the condition of your equipment will minimize unexpected downtime and save a lot of unnecessary stress and money. Experienced technicians will be able to provide a life expectancy report to help with budgeting and replacing equipment on your schedule

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