As the weather turns cold and winter hits, more and more Savannah residents are ignoring their air conditioning units in favor of their heating systems to keep them warm on cold winter nights. However, after a long summer of disuse, wise residents will call on a trusted, professional heating contractor to ensure their family remains safe while fighting the cold.

A properly maintained heating system is energy efficient and, most importantly, safe for your family. While A.S.R.S., Inc. has discussed the importance of having your heater serviced before winter, many residents may wonder what services they may need to be performed by a trusted, professional HVAC or heating contractor in the winter months. Being unprepared for winter can lead to disastrous, if not dangerous, consequences.

Preventative Maintenance

The most critical step for any HVAC system in any season is preventive maintenance. Preventative maintenance is a routine checkup where a skilled technician checks over your HVAC or furnace system to ensure it is working correctly. They may perform minor adjustments or repair work on it. Most often, they will make sure that your furnace or HVAC system is not on the way to breaking down.

Maintaining a routine maintenance checkup performed by a trusted heating contractor is the best way to avoid costly damage in the future. Many warranties require that residents have their systems tuned up to keep their coverage. With heaters, seasonal checkups are vital as they often go neglected, and many problems go unnoticed until they worsen.

Furnace Repair

Sometimes, preventative maintenance isn’t enough to avoid all issues with your heater. The long period of disuse can lead to many problems going unnoticed, mainly if the heating contractor has not serviced the furnace at the end of the season. These overlooked issues can result in the resident finding an unfortunate surprise when winter strikes.

If something goes wrong over the summer months, and you turn on your furnace to discover any of the following issues, we suggest you call a furnace repair technician immediately.

  • Strange Noises
  • Flickering or Yellow Flame
  • Little to No Heat
  • Odd Smells
  • Unusually High Heating Bills

Residents delaying repair could worsen the issues, increasing overall furnace repair costs and forcing you to spend multiple nights without a heater. In winter, many repair technicians are overbooked between other requests and the holidays. This busy schedule could result in a delay that puts you and your family in a tight situation.

With a gas furnace, a delay in repair can lead to a decrease in indoor air quality as gas leaks into the air, and closed windows lead to a build-up of carbon monoxide. The winter season is when many people report carbon monoxide poisoning because of improperly maintained furnaces. Keep your family safe by calling a heating contractor at the first sign of anything wrong.

Heating Installation

While A.S.R.S. recommends that any heater replacements be done in advance of the winter months, if a system breaks down and you find yourself in need, call on us to help you. An improperly installed heating system can result in a heater or furnace straining to work at total capacity, leading to frequent issues that require repairs.

Instead of hoping the installation has been done correctly or trying to get it fixed afterward, call on a trusted heating contractor to ensure a correctly performed installation.

Why Shouldn’t I DIY?

Whether you need preventative maintenance, furnace repair, or heating installation, A.S.R.S. does not recommend attempting any of these on your own. A skilled technician must do many common furnace repairs and tune-ups. Ignoring this warning can lead to a misdiagnosis of an issue or damage to the system. Misdiagnosis of problems or a damaged system can leave you without a heater on a cold night or, worse, unaware of the deadly carbon monoxide leak.

Save money, time, and your loved ones by calling and heating contractor to do the work for you.

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